Our signature Hōseki Lunch Set. The ever changing set featuring seasonal fish, vegatables and garnishes to keep it fresh and enjoyable. Not only refreshing but fun by putting the creation at the palm of your hand. We encourage you to try different variations and combinations or to keep it simple. Our sushi chefs creates each gem item with just the right touch and umami flavors to enjoy it as is while providing additional seasonings to add a little zest at your discretion.


Playful. Artful. Delicious.



Healthy eating is healthy mind, body and soul. All ingredients are of highest quality from sustainable seafood to organic produce. Taste the difference without a hole in your pocket.


Short on time?


Meeting in 30 minutes?




Pre-Order your signature Hōseki Lunch Set for a specific time so your set will be ready when you arrive.


We slot them in 15 minute intervals


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signature hōseki lunch set