Sustainability is not just a buzz word to us. We pride ourself for receiving product from eco-friendly fisheries that use organic and bio-degradable feed that does not pollute our ocean water habitats. These sustainable fisheries strictly abide by laws set forth by government environmental regulations and International law.

We get straight to the point with the best premium quality fish and seafood around. While going to a fancy ambience is nice but you'll also be paying for it. At Bay Hae, we will treat you to great taste and umami flavors in an uber casual setting. Think of us as your friendly neighborhood spot with the good vibes and good feels.

Sushi is an excellent source of many nutrients and added benefits:

-Rich in Omega 3 and fatty acids promotes the growth of healthy immunity

-Healthy proteins for brain cells and muscle regeneration

-Rich source of antioxidants which help prevent oxidative damage to skin

-Weight management for a full of healthy protein and carbohydrates

-Hypothyroidism prevention with a good source of iodine to help balance the thyroid hormones